The Belle Cosa Quartet  -  The romantic band


For a moment take a journey with us.

It’s evening.   Somewhere in your imagination, between the dusty cobble stoned streets of Italy and France, you find a chair at a cafe.  A glass of red wine awaits.  The breeze gently blows through your hair as you sit back to rest your feet.  The soft chunk of the guitar mixed with the slow dig of the string bass catch your interest.  Soon a smooth romantic voice fits like a missing puzzle piece in the equation.  The lyrics speak so simply to places you’ve been or feelings you’ve known.

The hustle and bustle of the street outside seems to stop as your eyes shut and you relax.  The sound of the breathy tenor haunts over the soft ring of the guitar and the world stops around you.

Now the violin presents the perfect foil, passionately swooping and floating overhead, it’s voice dips and soars with the agile majesty of a sparrow.   You open your eyes and realize that somewhere between the candlelight flicker mixed with warm sound of this unique and beautiful sound, you’ve been transported home.. but to one that’s new, yet so familiar.

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