The ‘Q’ Swing Band – 6/28/15 – Peter & Jenny Harrit’s Wedding

The ‘Q’ Swing Band – 6/28/15 – Peter & Jenny Harrit’s Wedding
The ‘Q’ Swing Band – 6/28/15 – Peter & Jenny Harrit’s Wedding

Jason and the 'Q' playing at the University Club on summit avenue

You and the guys did an amazing job. Rave reviews from all of our guests . . .

Jenny writes,

When we started planning our wedding, my husband and I agreed that we did not want to have a pintrest wedding–we wanted a wedding that people would pin and talk about as truly one-of-a-kind. As our plans began to take form, we quickly agreed on a live band for our reception. Jason and the Q were our first choice after doing our research, if only they were available. To our delight, they were free! In every stage of planning, up until the actual dinner and dance, Jason was helpful and quick to respond to our requests. When we arrived at our reception, we were delighted by the band’s professionalism and classy sound. Not only did we enjoy dancing the night away, but our guests continue to talk about the amazing band we chose to cap off the night. We would recommend Jason and the Q without hesitation–you will not be disappointed.

I’d add,

Hands down, having Jason and the Q play for our reception was one of the easiest and best choices that we made. These are top notch performing artists whose passion and skill comes through in every note that they play. From their spot-on song recommendation for our first dance to their ability to improvise an impromptu polka on the fly (much to the delight of my Wisconsin relatives!) they provided the perfect score for a night to remember.

Thanks again for everything. We look forward to catching you perform around town.