Create your own band

We strive to be as flexible to you, your events needs and themes.

A few years ago after a bride came to us with an odd request, 'What options do you have if we want something different?".  After melding a couple of groups together and a very successful evening, we realized we were one of the few entities that could offer a 'create a band' option.  

Since that point we have helped folks put together klezmer bands, odd duets like sax and string bass or sax and a DJ, and even set up a band for a spoken word artist.  

If you have something unique that you would like to hear or see, run it past us and lets put it together for you.
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We can grow from a solo instrumentalist to a full group to fill any stage[/column] [column]

Corporate Functions

We understand your need to balance fitting within a theme and vendors that understand your time constraints.  Let us help.[/column] [/column-group] [column-group] [column]

Birthday Parties

We will make sure everyone has a good time[/column] [column]

or any event.. just ask

We can match most budgets or size restrictions [/column] [/column-group]