The Jaztro “Nuts” kids show



The Jaztronauts started doing ‘Kid Shows’ in 2004 and it’s been a hit ever since. ¬†They realized that the band is a great fit in this situation and they love getting out and involving the kids in the show.

The Jaztro-“Nuts” show was inspired by the kid friendly works of “They Might be Giants” .

The Jaztronauts have created a show that is not only enjoyable and educational to the kids, but also a lot of fun for Mom and Dad!

Come out and hear the show!

……It’s for kids of all ages.




Sesame Street’s “Rubber Duckie”

Eep Op Ork Ah ah – From the kids cartoon ‘The Jetsens’

Theme from the 1967 cartoon “Spiderman”

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