Historic Hope Glen Farms – The Perfect Country Wedding

For the couple that has decided they want an old fashioned country wedding without giving up all the beauty and class of a classic wedding, the Historic Hope Glen Farms is a great choice.

This newer venue is located in Cottage Grove Minnesota.  http://hopeglenfarm.com The designers have clearly worked hard to preserve all the natural charm and feel of a country setting without the common challenges that this type of wedding can present.

The Dance Hall is contained in an old fashioned barn dance setting.  Beautiful old wood hints of the wild west with a clear intent of a good old fashioned barn dance feel.



IMG_3449 IMG_3450 IMG_3451 IMG_3452-1



The Bridal sweet, although un-viewable by me at the time, was also at the top of another barn style building.  I was told by  many that with vaulted ceilings and lots of natural light it was breathtakingly beautiful.


Again this is the front of the Dance hall Barn building. IMG_3454


Located across from the bridal sweet is an open ended mess hall complete with a stone fireplace and shabby chic hanging lights.  Everything was very thoughtfully designed to capture that authentic country feel.IMG_3455 IMG_3461


Although this picture didn’t do the ceremony justice, it was held in an open field, with a cute wooden bridge leading up to the ceremony area.IMG_3463 IMG_3464 IMG_3465

No country wedding is complete without a backyard barbecue, and this event center brought in fantastic chefs to accent the country feel without letting the food choices suffer. Best ‘vittles’ from here to the Mason Dixon line.IMG_3473 IMG_3477 IMG_3479

A cute accent was a small cocktail bar ordained with a ‘Lemonade stand’ look. IMG_3480 IMG_3483 IMG_3486 IMG_3488


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