Four Seasons Dance Studio – Class on the cheap! – 9/12

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Lali Silva and Dillon Hodapp Wedding 9/12/15

Are you looking for a classic, romantic location with tons of charm on the cheap?  Take a look at the Four Seasons Dance Studio .  As you are looking at venues for your event, take a look at this little gem.   As you approach the venue, your first impression is that of being tranported to a cobble stone street somewhere in Italy or France.  The buildings look as though they were designed to bring the international allure of romance with vintage accents all around.

As you enter the studio you’ll see that the thousands of passionate flamenco dancing steps have left their mark throughout.  The floor is perfect for dancing and though small, worked as a dining space.  Again this might be a little bit of a fixer upper for a couple as they might want to add their own accents, but for $120 an hour, you can’t beat the price.

The Dap Squad Minneapolis Variety Wedding Band performed as an 7 piece power ensemble that fit nicely into this space.  Using some of the space that would normally hold cafe tables and chairs, the band used that space as a mini 1/2 stage that worked beautifully presenting a very visually appealing effect.

The Dap Squad featured some of the top talent  in the Midwest.  Ray’s voice was warm and soulful and perfectly matched to Germain.  Germain showcased class, soul, and fun.  Germain even hosted a battle royal of the Wedding party shaking what God gave them during Taylor Swifts hit ‘Shake it off’.  Although the men ‘technically’ won, everyone would agree everyone left the battle with smiles on their faces and stories to share for years.

The front of the room has a few comfy couches and accents that are almost shabby sheik at first glance.

The back room of the house served nicely as food serving area and wedding stuff hiding area.

Now for the huge upside, you can bring in your own food and drink!!!  So the food is what you like, probably much cheaper and if you’re a beer/wine fan, you can bring in whatever you’d like as well.

Lali and Dillon worked with their own food providers, but found a wonderful service called Avail Event Services that feature ‘same day’ event experts.  So if you are catering your own food, or whatever, they will serve you, setup the prep tables, even clean up the entire event center and deliver the food to your door later that evening!  Jodi Homestad was my contact that evening and she turned any wrinkle we ran across into a smile.  She was amazing!

Now this venue is not right for everyone, it really shines as a small event location as it does have limited space, but the 7 piece powerhouse sound of the Dap Squad fit in the room nicely.

If you’re shopping for a special place that will impress your guests but won’t break your bank, check out this location.

  • $120/ hour
  • Use your own beverage and catering service
  • Natural cool french themes and accents throughout.
  • The alley way that serves as the entrance has a ton of cool built in possibilities you could use.






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