Minnesota’s Music Services is a collaboration of some of the Midwest’s top artists.  We wanted to create a place where folks knew that no matter who was hired through this service, they would have to pass our own quality test before being considered an offering.buddysmiles

On other sites you get a broker that can’t attest to the quality and may not even understand music because their only focus is on how much money they can make.  We believe this is the root of the horror stories we have heard so many times before.

We believe that you present quality and the rest will take care of itself.  We are always looking for strong artists to add to our roster, but will only represent artists that support our core values:

– High Quality artistry
– Good attitude and person ability with our customers
– Attention to detail in every show
– Character and Ethics

We want every performance and every wedding to be as close to perfect as we can make it.

Let us show you how it should be done!