Creating Magic! Steps to get the kind of wedding you envisioned

Many times I will meet with a client, only to realize that they feel completely lost in the shuffle of organizing this massive wedding.  Don’t worry if you are in this category, you aren’t alone.

The tips I’ll share have come from hundreds of wedding over the last few decades.  Some of them may seem obvious, but it’s sometimes the obvious items that we neglect to think about.

Create your team:

Is your wedding coordinator mirroring the wedding you had envisioned??  Make sure that the people being hired, share a team mentality.  Don’t be afraid to remind your team of details that you don’t want them to overlook when your big day comes.  I’m not saying call your people a hundred times, but a gentle “I’m so eager for the moment when you” or this is great, we are really looking forward to …..   It’s important they mirror confirm key points and are open to discussing details, they are always in the loop, and that everyone knows where they should be at any given time.  Your wedding coordinator may just be that team lead that you expect them to be, but realize communication gets dropped often and with all the weddings they do, details get lost.  Be your own advocate!!

Realize your vision:

Your wedding day is the most important moment of your life.  You’ve thought of this moment since you were small.  Your personal vision of Magic!  The fit of your dress, your wedding day, looking into your partners eyes as you say ‘I do’…

Your first dance together sets the tone for the rest of your life.  

We understand this isn’t a one size fits all world, so let us know what YOUR vision is.  What makes magic for you.

Take out a piece of paper and write down what this vision is.   Make sure you express it to every person on your team


Establish your priorities

You let us know what your limitations or expectations are and we’ll come up with options.  Let us know if you need a big band, high energy top 40 to fill up a large hall, or something unique and romantic for a quaint gathering.

 Do you want the chicken dance, or to request we avoid it if someone asks.  This is your vision… make this night be remembered the way you mentally paint it.

Also, making up a bullet list of items the band should be mindful of is always a good idea.

– 7pm dinner is served Play

– 7:45 BREAK

– 8pm Speeches

– 8:30 resume dinner music as we eat dessert.. etc

(typically it’s much easier if each team member is given just the items that involve their piece of the puzzle)

Pick 1 person that will be the point of contact for each service!!

You don’t want the band leader coming up to ask you when you want the first dance, if Beer Barrel Polka is appropriate, or when you want to do the Hora?
Make that be the best mans job.  Give his cell number to the band leader and a good band leader can magically turn around and quietly text big questions to a contact and no one will be the wiser.  You get a whisper in the ear and no one watches as the band leader trounces across the room to find you.

When you do organize your communication, your event appears to be seamless.


Look, a wedding coordinators job is to calm you down and create organization… but you need to decide what kind of memories you want to create.
Do you and your partner just want to have fun and just not care what happens as long as your together, or do you want to stress over pictures taking 15 minutes too long.

If you need to be rigid because it’s a Sunday and grandma needs to leave by 9 and you want her there for the first dance, then that’s your priority, but if you can, I always recommend a few high points (Dinner is served at 7, first dance between 8:30-9:30 – best man will cue you, 11 last call) will give you the best results and keep things simple and fun.

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